A Celebration of Plants

I have a deep appreciation for plants, both indoors and out. When plants grow in Southern California, they flourish year round, and often reach monstrous proportion. As an ice storm inconveniences the American Southeast, I’m counting the many blessings of living in sunny, Southern California. Many of the photographs included in this post were taken in a Malibu, residential neighborhood called Point Dume, while other photographs were taken in my yard, and some inside my house.

Aloe Vera

Murphyi Agave

Double Aloe Vera plant

Agava Attenuata
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Mother in Law’s Tongue
Succulents on the side of the road, Point Dume, Malibu, California
From a lemon grove in Somis, California
This 2 year old lime tree is in my yard!
The current state of plant affairs in my dining rom!
Close up of one of two potted fig trees. They are now 3 years old.
In early January of this year, our three German shepherds got in on planting our live Christmas tree! Each year, we buy a live pine tree for Christmas and add it to our yard. Currently, there are 20 Christmas trees in our yard and 40 other pine trees, which makes a grand total of 60.
A long view of a lemon grove in Somis, California, 30 minutes away from Malibu.

Potted blooming cactus

Bougainvillea on the side of the road: Point Dume, Malibu, California

Fountain Grass
For good measure, this is our shepherd, Sorcha, in the Fountain Grass.