Dreaming in a Time of Dragons by G. Claire

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Congratulations to Author/Artist G. Claire on Dreaming in a Time of Dragons!

Book Description:

-When is a dragon not a dragon?-When is a prince not a prince?-When do you burn evidence of your royalty and run, disguised as a boy? Eva finds her royal birthright has come at a high price, one that could cost her life. In the middle of dark intrigue, she must decide what to do: Trust the words of a mysterious traveler; or stay in the castle, hoping to restore the ruined Kingdom of Dunmoor. She knows one day she must face a danger sprung to life from the most frightening tale she knows . . . or forever be looking over her shoulder. Her choice means everything. For her. For the Kingdom. This story is stitched between the lines of supernatural realism, with medieval fairytale underpinnings.

I Love This Photograph of G. Claire at work!

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Born and raised in Florida, I have loved writing and drawing since I held the first crayon and decorated our living room wall. My parents quickly realized I would need large paper and supervision – and lots of both.

I grew up, married, and moved to Atlanta. There, working as an artist/illustrator, my work was published and bought by private and corporate collectors.

Later, during my career as an art teacher for middle-grade and high school students, I felt the tug to write. After going to seminars and devouring books on the craft of writing, I took the plunge and joined a writers’ group. Creating new worlds and characters to inhabit them is now my place of bliss.

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Claire currently lives in the metro Atlanta area with her husband, and is working on Dreaming in a Time of Dragons, an epic adventure.

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Home – G. Claire (gclaire.com)

Reviews: I cannot remember my kids not I bring this enthralled in a book as much as we were this one. Ever. We struggled to stop reading every night and go to bed at a decent time, we couldn’t put it down. My daughter says she’s never envisioned anything in her imagination like she did while listening to me read this aloud. The author isn’t only an artist with images but also with words, invoking such beautiful imagery in the imagination. The good messages learned through this adventure are so beautifully and powerfully interwoven into the story. Learning to trust God, listen to intuition/the voice, bravery and forgiveness…there’s so much I could say but don’t want to spoil it. We are EAGERLY awaiting the next book and will probably reread this one while we wait. My daughter has been telling all her friends about it and how they HAVE to read it.

I loved this book! It was a great escape from all that’s going on in our world today. This book spans generations where pre-teen, teen, and adults alike will all enjoy this book! You can even read it to your children! It’s worth your time! Plus, I love the fact that the author also did the drawings and cover! She is multi-talented! Don’t hesitate to buy and read it!

I loved this book!! It was recommended to me, and now my niece is reading it. The chapters are short and story moves quickly. I liked the mystery and than the discovery of plot line. It was so clever. The drawings in it were also very well done.
I could easily see this been made into a movie…I really look forward to that!

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Thinking this might be a real place. . . Somewhere.

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Malibu California Artists Neel and Virginia Muller!

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Sketch by Neel Muller

I want to introduce you to two beloved artists who live in Malibu, California. Neel and Virginia Muller divide their time between Malibu and Antibes, France, both incredible artists who live a wonderful, creative life!

Artist Neel Muller is the author of Going to the Dogs: Drawings to Help you Get Through the Day

Going to the Dogs: A collection of dog drawings to help you get through the day.
Wonderful Drawings for Dog Lovers with whimsical captions! One reviewer writes: ” The very essence of doggishness! Neel Muller captures the inner dog. The things about dogs that have made them so special to we humans for thousands of years. If you love dogs, you’ll love this book. Study each drawing and you’ll see exactly what I mean. If you have friends who love dogs as much as you do, do them a favour – send them a copy of this book!”

And This Lovely Book!

Drawings of Women: A celebration of women of all shapes and sizes by [Neel Muller]
A Celebration of Women of All Shapes and Sizes!

And for a Daily Dose of Artistic Inspiration : Daily Drawings of Women. One reviewer writes: “Mr. Muller has a delightfully witty, dry and very understated sense of humor. His approach is simple and direct and in this age where most things are over-the-top, makes this collection of thoughts, unique and beautifully refreshing.”

Neel Muller has loved drawing since he was a little boy. Using his drawing skill in the ad business has helped pay the bills, but he eventually decided to draw much more just for the enjoyment of it. So he promised himself he would do a drawing every day, no matter what. As a result, many have had a great time following his daily drawings. This book is on Neel’s favourite subject to draw: Women. He jokes that most of his drawings are from memory and that is mostly true. The important thing is that he celebrates women of all shapes and sizes in a fun, sometimes tender and sometimes dramatic way.

You can see more of Neel Muller’s art here: Check it out at futuretribal.com

Neel Muller’s FutureTribal artwork is now all over clothes, plates, towels, bags and shoes.  Neel was born and raised in South Africa and can’t shake off that African dust. These designs emerge from his colorful, vivid dreams : modern, primitive and graffiti.

More Art by Neel Muller:

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Rue Brûlée Antibes by Neel Muller

Below is artist, clothing designer, and etiquette teacher, Virginia Muller. She is the author of The Unforgettable Woman and Aubergine the Glitter Queen!

Virginia  Muller

Neel Muller and Virginia Muller collaborated on the book The Unforgettable Woman, a gorgeous, delightful, whimsical series of drawings with pithy captions pertaining to the attributes of an unforgettable woman! A thought-provoking pleasure with stellar drawings to savor; the ultimate gift for artists and women!

One book reviewer writes: “I loved The Unforgettable Woman because she is in a few words or two manifests such a woman and the drawings are such wit in expressing such an unforgettable lady. I hear music and want to dance with each page.”


Virginia released the genre-crossing book that has something for everyone: Aubergine the Glitter Queen! A children’s story that encourages perseverance in the pursuit of one’s dreams!

Aubergine the Glitter Queen

The lure of having to know what comes next propels you through this one-of-a-kind story. The elegant illustrations have a touch of feminine whimsy and are poignantly placed as emphasis to highlight one Hollywood hopeful’s dream, who has come all the way from Paris with her little dog. An uplifting, gem of a book for children and adults in equal measure, Aubergine The Glitter Queen has an encouraging message that will appeal to those who appreciate a heart-warming story with illustrations that will knock off your socks!

Aubergine the Glitter Queen by Virginia Muller | Goodreads

Both of Virginia’s Books will delight the artist in all of us!

All books by Neel Muller and Virginia Muller are available on Amazon!