What’s Your 2020 Pandemic Story?

Image may contain: text that says 'The Pandemic of 2020 What's YOUR Story?'

Can you write a 500 WORD ESSAY and share your pandemic story? Scare Your Soul would love to read it!

Lost & Found in 2020 is a project of the Scare Your Soul social-benefit courage movement.

People everywhere are invited to courageously reflect, write, and share some essential story of your life during the pandemic, and to connect people everywhere through shared human experience.

You are invited to reflect on what YOU have learned or discovered about yourself, others, or the world in 2020.

What have you lost and found?

People everywhere are invited to submit stories with their names, initials, or anonymously. We encourage a courageous sharing of real, authentic personal stories. No writing experience is necessary, and the submissions can be a poem, prose, or whatever best expresses your story.

We will design and make available a special free e-book containing as many submissions as possible.

Submissions are due by December 31, 2020. We have prompts and resources to assist you.

And, we have a special contest, too.

The Contest

From the collected story submissions, a team of Scare Your Soul ambassadors will select the most compelling ten to receive top billing in the e-book.

Those top ten will have their submissions read by professional actors to be part of a special free audio book, offered with the e-book.

Finally, each of these top ten writers will be awarded two courage-based life-coaching sessions.Learn More

Lost & Found in 2020 (lostandfoundin2020.com)

Submission guidelines are on the above link!

Come on! Get writing!


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