Paths to Publication

Congratulations to Shanessa Gluhm on the release of her novel, Enemies of Doves! This is a share-worthy article and so well explained!

Shanessa Gluhm

Since I announced my publishing contract, I’ve received many messages asking about the process of publication. Do I need an agent?How do I get a contract? Is it better just to self-publish? After getting similar questions sent to me this weekend, I decided it might make a good blog topic for all you writers out there, or for readers who are interested in how those books get into your hand.

First, let me address the three major types of publishing common today.

Traditional: This is the “classic” way of getting published. You sign a contract with a publisher; they agree to publish the book on your behalf. They bear the risk and costs, and you share profits.

Self-Publishing: This is where an author acts as the publisher. In self- publishing, the author bears all the costs and risks, but earns a higher share of the profit per sale.

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