A Girl Like You: Book 1 Henrietta and Inspector Howard Mystery Series by Michelle Cox

It is 1935 Chicago, after the big crash, and desperate times lead to desperate measures. Young, beautiful, and seductively innocent Henrietta Von Harmon fends for her fatherless siblings and withdrawn, bitter mother by taking her good intentions to support her family, only to be led to disreputable places with unforeseen double-dealings. With verve and resourcefulness, Henrietta soon becomes involved in shady doings on the wrong side of town, and when she meets the enigmatic Inspector Clive Howard, wheels are unwittingly set in motion for navigating a Chicago crime syndicate.
A Girl Like You, (Book 1 in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard Mystery Series by Michelle Cox) is one of those rare gems so chock-full of charm and personality; so captivating and delightful in its vivid narration that readers feel intimately tied to the characters and invested in the action-packed story. A Girl Like You has it all: mystery, intrigue, conflict, unpredictability, unique setting, believable motivations from fabulous characters, secrets, hidden agendas, and the lure of budding romance.
Author Michelle Cox begins her wildly popular mystery series in A Girl Like You with such page-turning, off-kilter charm, you won’t be able to resist reading the whole series. The memorable Henrietta and Inspector Howard are likable, fully realized characters from disparate backgrounds who balance each other with perfect pitch in the midst of an edge-of-your-seat joyride.





6 thoughts on “A Girl Like You: Book 1 Henrietta and Inspector Howard Mystery Series by Michelle Cox

  1. I follow Michelle Cox on Twitter and many times I’ve intended to purchase one of her books, but I’ve just never done it. This is just the impetus I need to get over to Amazon and get that book. Thanks for the push!

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    1. There’s a good reason she’s so widely read 🙂 I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle at The Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend, and then again at the Chanticleer Reviews Conference in Bellingham, WA. She’s an incredible speaker, and I watched her lead a class on writing for a series. Almost a year went by before I read the first in her mystery series, and when I got my hands on it, I read it in 3 days. I’ve heard from many that with each book in this series, things get deeper and more layered, but I think that’s typical, once a series writer finds the groove. That A Girl Like You is this good as the first in the series makes me want to read them all! Let me know what you think!

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    1. Yes, Sally! Enjoyable series is the right description. And that this series opens during the depression in Chicago lends it an edge. The author lives in Chicago and knows much of Chicago’s history, which I found fascinating.

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