An Interview with Claire Fullerton

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Claire-Fullerton-1140x500Claire Fullerton, author of A Portal in Time and Dancing to an Irish Reel, has added a third book to her writing credentials. Mourning Dove, which released on June 29th, has been called β€œan accurate and heart-wrenching picture of the sensibilities of the American South” by Kirkus Reviews.

Claire recently had a conversation with Phil Treagus of where she discussed her favorite books, her writing style, and what she considers to be her greatest achievement! The answer might surprise you!

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10 thoughts on “An Interview with Claire Fullerton

  1. Fantastic interview at the ReadingList Claire. I wish you lived closer. I’d do Pilates with you. πŸ™‚ And I also loved The Prince of Tides πŸ™‚ Well done! πŸ™‚

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  2. Yes! I had the pleasure of meeting him at his birthday party, which his hometown of Beaufort, SC threw for him, when her turned 70. I spent 3 days in his illustrious company, and the kind soul invited me to his house, once he learned I flew all the way from California to meet him. The weekend was surreal, absolutely. Nicest guy, ever. Humble, self-effacing, a true scholar and gentleman who took an interest in everyone around him. He was so nice, he introduced me to people he thought I should know, etc. He was THAT kind of guy. I recommend that you look on YouTube for the spontaneous speech he delivered at the end of that weekend. It will floor you. Look on YouTube under pat Conroy at 70.


  3. Congratulations! What a fantastic interview! I’ve learned so much more about you from it. I love pilates and had my own reformer and tower at our last house. When we downsized I had to sell them because we just didn’t have the room for them here. My husband recently found a mini-reformer online and I use it every day. There are some exercises that can’t be done on it, but it fits in what space I have for exercising.

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    1. I get it! I’m a believer in the fluid movement of ballet and Pilates. It’s in perfect alignment with all rotating areas in how we’re built and I think it keeps one on top of their game. Pilates mat is made fun if you have the right music! Thanks for dropping a line! I’m sure your mini-reformer is excellent. It’s all about using it, and I’m very impressed with your commitment! Good for you!

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  4. Just loved this interview. What an interesting life you have, with the emphasis on creativity. I know a bit more about you, especially the books that have inspired you. I’ve read many of the same. Mourning Dove is now on my TBR list. Best wishes, Claire.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon. A creative life is all I’m suited for, and even when I had a job in the real world, I felt the fires of creativity prominently. So I think I’ve finally arrived at the point where I’m spending my days as I should have all along, but it is a bit like life without a safety net. It’s like the adage about showing up, doing the work, then turning it over to the arms of fate, and it’s anybody’s guess what will pan. ( Ah, now there’s an idea for another blog post….)

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