Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 13 : Love

Hugh asked  for us to post a picture to demonstrate love?  Every time I make a move in my house, I have this pair monitoring me. Here Ronin and Ceili patiently await my arrival at the top of the stairs. Ronin (male German shepherd, two years old this month) is at the left and Ceili ( female German shepherd, two years and four months old) is at the right. Both have Irish names, though Ronin is spelled in the Samurai way. Ceili is the Irish word for “a musical party.” If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll know why I used this picture for Hugh’s challenge! Check out Hugh’s challenge:

10 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 13 : Love

  1. Beautiful. Makes me think of my little guy: every time I take a step in my house, I hear his little toenails clickin’, following me around. 🙂


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