5 Star Review of Dancing to an Irish Reel

5 stars
An awsome job at capturing the Irish spirit.
ByBrighid O’Sullivan on October 4, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Loved this story. The beginning was slow for me but I was smart enough to stick with it and finished it in 3 days. You will too. The author explains in great detail the Irish landscape as well as the unpredictability and charming traits of some of the most eccentric Irish characters. I think it was important to write it this way and let the words flow. Her literary style makes the book that much more Irish and extremely authentic. I was pulled into the lives of the Irish characters and the 2 Americans who really keep things interesting, a sort of cat and mouse game at times. Its a very different kind of story and that is as it should be. If you’ve always wondered what Irish people are like, this is it in a nutshell. The author paints a splendid, canny and realistic picture of Irish people and their customs, idioms, language and social relationships. The story kept me turning pages and I just loved some of the characters. The book made me laugh as well. She does an awesome job at capturing the Irish spirit, which is not like any other people you will ever meet and I would read more of her work.

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