5 Star Review from Ronovan Writes of Dancing to an Irish Reel

on September 18, 2015
An L.A. exec escapes to Ireland for some soul and life searching and meets a young local Irish musician new to love. Claire Fullerton writes two stories with one theme. While Hailey learns about Ireland, the place she calls home, and comes to understand it, so does she slowly begin to understand Liam. Both of these have mysteries to her and she can’t help be drawn to them.

This story doesn’t fall into the traps of the usual romance that so many people think of. A lot of common sense in the leading lady of Hailey. I greatly enjoyed the way Fullerton teaches about Ireland the things we don’t normally get to learn and does so by having the characters tell us, not by her telling us.

I love this book for the layers of character development, the supporting cast and the way they are used to not only move the story along but help explain Ireland, not in in-your-face ways but through storytelling and life tellings.

I recommend this book to lovers of Ireland and reality love with a touch of what might be, and what could be yet to come.

I received a copy of the book for an honest review. The only thing that even remotely was a thorn to me was how Liam acts at times, but then again he’s Irish and I’m not, well wasn’t born there. Fullerton keeps the characters real, she stays true to them. I respect that.Neel graphicsDancing to an Irish Reel Review

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